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Learn More About Galt, CA

The town of Galt in Southern California is located in the central valley of Northern California. It was previously called Dry Creek because of the small stream, which flowed through it. In 1869, upon its incorporation, it was renamed after one of the local ranchers asked for it to be named after his hometown in Ontario, Canada.

Since its incorporation, most of Galt’s inhabitants were engaged in raising cattle and dairy. Galt Market, held weekly, was established in the 1950s by the farmers and has since attracted hundreds of visitors and customers to the city. Today it has evolved to a flea market type, with over 500 registered vendors selling merchandise, including clothes and snack items. Revenues from the market are used for parks and recreation.

Styling itself as the Great American Little Town, Galt had only 25,983 residents in 2018. With a median age of 33, Galt is a town of relatively young people. It is home to the Galt Joint Union Elementary School and High School Districts, which oversee basic and intermediate education in Sacramento and San Joaquin counties. There is no university in Galt itself. But if you want legal education, try looking up the McGeorge School of Law of the University of the Pacific, Northwestern California University School of Law, and Lincoln Law School of Sacramento.

If you want to do some individual research on your legal concerns or interests, you may visit the Galt Library. Located near the city hall, the library is expected to service 18,000 residents around it. Books and reading materials in Spanish are available for the city’s Hispanic inhabitants. A short distance away from Galt is the Sacramento County Public Law Library, which offers free 20-minute consultations to the economically-challenged and elderly.

If you have no time to visit a library or you will tire of waiting for your turn at a free consultation, you may also try our own Legalmatch Online Law Library. We have over 10,000 articles. It is almost certain that several of them would be able to shed some light on your questions.

In 1880, it was reported that there was only one attorney in Galt to cater to the whole town. Today, there are hundreds of lawyers serving Galt, with expertise in bankruptcy, family law, personal injury, and criminal law, among others. Most of them were products of the three law schools mentioned earlier.

If you think that your legal concern needs the more specialized and thorough services of a lawyer, Legalmatch could also assist in finding one for you from our large database of lawyers in California. With our simple and user-friendly website, you will find the lawyer that is just right for you.

(may not be the same place you live)

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