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Learn More About Rohnert Park, CA

Rohnert Park is a Sonoma County city that was incorporated in 1962 and named after Waldo Emmerson Rohnert, who owned the successful Rohnert Seed Farm. Rohnert Park is home to a number of good schools and shopping centers that make it a popular place to live.
Rohnert Park is also host to lawyers who take a wide range of cases. Lawyers in Rohnert Park are familiar with Sonoma County court procedures; some examples of normal cases include: child custody, wrongful death, personal injury, estate administration, and chapter 7 bankruptcy.
Recently, the Rohnert Park officer on trial for shooting mentally-ill 31 year old Heather Billings has been cleared of all criminal charges. After an investigation, the Sonoma County District Attorney Stephan Passalacqua said the officer’s actions were justified. Billings was under the influence of Valium and other precrpition drugs when she was ordered to drop a razor utility knife. Billings reportedly came at the officer who killed the woman with three shots to the chest. Passacalacqua deemed that the officer’s acted reasonably because of the potential damage and danger the situation presented.
If you are filing for divorce in Rohnert Park, you will probably be visiting the Family Division of the Sonoma County Superior Court in Santa Rosa. Criminal chares will earn you a summons from the Criminal Division and lawsuits are filed with the Civil Division. Each case has an appropriate court division with which to file and it’s important you file correctly as not to loose time or money as a resulting from having to re-file.
The best way to ensure your case is going smoothly is by hiring an experienced Rohnert Park lawyers from LegalMatch. The service is free and provides lawyers’ schedules and prices along with past client’s reviews. The LegalMatch website provides helpful research tools like an online law library, forums on many legal topics, and newsletters all located within the Legal Center.
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