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Learn More About Oakley, CA

Oakley, CA is a newly incorporated city located in Contra Costa County that is located in California. Although Oakley’s first post office was established in 1898, the city was not incorporated until 1999. The motto of the city is “A Place for Families in the Heart of the Delta.”

Information About the Legal System in Oakley, CA

The Oakley legal system is comprised of a Superior Court in nearby Pittsburg, the 1st District Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of California. Attorneys in Oakley may argue your case in any of these courts; the court will be determined by your type of legal issue. If you have a case in Oakley, a local Contra Costa County lawyer can help you in navigating the court system.

Of you are thinking of filing a lawsuit in Oakley, you’ll probably end up at the Civil Division of the Contra Costa County Superior Court. California Superior Courts have a different division with which to file and it’s paramount you file correctly. Divorce, child custody, and other domestic issues are heard by the Family Division, while wills and trusts are with the Probate Divisions. If you have criminal charges pending against you in Oakley, you will be summoned by the appropriate court and Criminal Division.

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Oakley attorneys can help you in criminal defense law, personal injury litigation law, divorce law, real estate transactions law, estate planning law, and much more.

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