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Learn More About Fresno, CA

The largest city in the Central Valley of California, Fresno is home to almost half a million people. Named after the Spanish word for Ash tree, it sits close to the San Joaquin river. Like many western towns, Fresno owes its existence to the creation of a railway station in 1872. The flood prone San Joaquin river caused concerned residents to move from the nearby river town of Millerton to the farther inland Fresno. Millerton was eventually abandoned and permanently flooded by the creation of Friant dam.

Today, Fresno is not only the economic hub of Califonia’s breadbasket, but the legal center of the central valley. The Central Valley also encompasses key cities like Bakersfield and Merced. Fresno is the seat of the Fifth Appellate District of the State of California Court of Appeal, the Fresno County Superior Court and the Fresno Division of the United States District Court for the Eastern District of California.

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In the news: During recent protests and gatherings at the Courthouse Park, the Occupy Fresno group wanted to “increase the peace”. As a result, there have been talks with Fresno County to obtain a “stand-still agreement”. This would encourage a more peaceful atmosphere during the protests.  This is quite a change from other Occupy protestors who seem to favor not-so-peaceful demonstrations to make their point. Occupy Fresno’s unique perspective has definitely made Fresno a topic of discussion!

Contacting a Fresno Lawyer

With over 1200 Fresno lawyers to choose from, finding the right lawyer for you can be difficult. The right attorney makes all the difference in your case. can help you find a Fresno lawyer with a background in the issues you need assistance with, completely free of charge. Tell about your case, and we will match you with a pre-screened outstanding Fresno attorney.

Local Fresno lawyers know the local rules and procedures of Fresno courts. They can assist you with criminal defense, real estate transactions, personal injury law, divorce law, probate law, and any other legal issues you may need help with. Recently, Fresno lawyers secured a $1.5 million settlement for female correctional officers sexually harassed by their supervising correctional sergeant.

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(may not be the same place you live)

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