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Learn More About Roseville, CA

Roseville was originally a railroad hub and since the technology boom, Placer County has quickly established itself as the fastest growing county in the United States. Roseville is home to many outdoor parks and refuges with trails as well as the newly constructed Westfield Shopping Center. This mall, dubbed the Roseville Galleria, helped Roseville achieve the rank of 9th in the United States for small city retail sales.

With a close proximity to downtown Sacramento, Roseville is also a great place to find a lawyer. Lawyers in Roseville take a wide range of cases like breach of contract, divorce, chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate administration, and green card immigration cases, among others.

Recently, Roseville resident Larry Caldwell filed a lawsuit against the Roseville Joint-Unified School District because he said the district denied his rights. For more than a year Caldwell had petitioned the school board to make changes in the method that they taught evolution. He and other parents lobbied to have evolution presented more factually, even citing incorrect information in a school supplied textbooks. The Roseville board continuously turned him away and disallowed other parents to support his idea at school board meetings. It’s likely that the Roseville Joint-Unified School District will settle with Caldwell and update their textbooks.

Protesting a large corporation in Roseville can lead to criminal charges, as some local residents found out recently.  A group of 15 people were arrested on Black Friday while protesting against Wal-Mart in front of its store in Roseville for refusing to move from the intersection that they were blocking.  Fortunately, a good Roseville criminal defense attorney should be able to secure a very light sentence, or possibly no sentence at all for those protesters.

Most cases in Roseville end up in the Placer County Superior Court, which is held in the Santucci Justice Center. The superior court handles all Roseville cases excluding real property disputes over $25,000. When going to court in Roseville, it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer who is familiar with Placer County courts.

LegalMatch is the easiest way to select a Roseville lawyer. LegalMatch offers pairing services so that you find a bar certified lawyer for any issue without the guesswork. You can do preliminary research on your case, check prices, and view tips on selecting the best lawyer for your needs all with LegalMatch’s customer satisfaction guarantee. For more information on Roseville courts, please see the links below:

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