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Learn More About West Sacramento, CA

The city of West Sacramento is separate from the city of Sacramento by the Sacramento River. Despite this separation, West Sacramento is one of the fastest growing cities within the state. The city is a source of major retail business and has opened a number of large stores that employ many residents of the city. Additionally, the California Highway Patrol Academy and Museum are located in West Sacramento.

If you are facing legal charges in West Sacramento, you should consider talking to one of the experienced West Sacramento lawyers. These attorneys can represent you in many legal areas including criminal defense, DUI, assault, battery, personal injury, tax, bankruptcy, business, contract, employment discrimination, and more.

A man recently settled his lawsuit against the city of West Sacramento for injuries he sustained while being arrested. The man was being arrested for intoxication while in a public place when the police dog that was with the arresting officer suddenly lunged out and bit the man on the neck and torso before the police could get the dog back under control. The man’s injuries were so severe that he had to be air-lifted to the hospital. When he was released from the hospital, he filed his lawsuit against the city of West Sacramento claiming that the city’s officers were negligent and unable to control the dog, which had a history of such spontaneous attacks. West Sacramento and the man settled the suit for $88,000.

If you have a case that arose in West Sacramento, you will likely have to report to the Superior Court of California, County of Yolo. This court generally hears all civil and criminal cases that arise in the county. When you go to this court, it would be helpful to your case to have an experienced local attorney at your side.

When you are ready to find such an attorney, is here to help. After visiting our site and submitting some background information about your case, local West Sacramento lawyers will begin contacting you. When you use our free service, you will also get access to great information like past client reviews and attorney profiles.

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