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Learn More About Morgan Hill, CA

Morgan Hill is a Santa Clara County city that was named after Hiram Morgan Hill who was a wealthy San Francisco native that built the first house there in 1884. Morgan Hill became a city in 1906 and today serves about 33,500 residents, many of whom commute to the high technology industries in Silicon Valley.

A number of knowledgeable lawyers also live in Morgan Hill. Morgan Hill Lawyers are familiar with local Santa Clara County court procedures and admit a wide-ranging assortment of cases; some typical examples include bankruptcy, wrongful death, employment discrimination, divorce, and drafting wills and trusts.

Morgan Hill juvenile offenders cited by police and considered a continued threat to the community will have a new juvenile detention center in southern Santa Clara County. The new center will be located in Gilroy but will serve San Martin and Morgan Hill youths as well. This new center is expected to process about 850 juvenile citations each year and save south county residents the long drive into San Jose, although a number of San Jose lawyers may be facing a longer drive if their clients are located at the new juvenile detention center.

If you are filing for divorce or other domestic relations action in Morgan Hill, you’re likely to be filing with the Family Division of the Santa Clara County Superior Court’s South County Courthouse in Morgan Hill. If you’re planning on filling a lawsuit in Morgan Hill than you’ll also be visiting the South County Courthouse which handles both Criminal and Civil Division cases.

California courts are separated into a number of division with which to file and it is imperative that you file correctly. By hiring a Morgan Hill lawyer from LegalMatch, you are guaranteed to be paired with a bar certified lawyer. Also, take advantage of the free LegalCenter that contains all kinds of reference materials including a free online law library on many legal topics.

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