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Learn More About Anaheim, CA

Anaheim was originally founded by grape farmers from Bavaria. The name “Anaheim” translates into German as “city by the Santa Ana River.” The name stuck, even though the grape farmers did not. An insect infestation in the late 1800s wiped out the grape and wine industry in Southern California, eventually leading to the introduction of oranges and walnuts, Southern California’s primary export during most of its history.

Anaheim is no longer the agricultural center it once was. Largely due to the construction of the world famous Disneyland resort in the 1950s, Anaheim is a modern tourist mecca. The first resort built by the popular Disney franchise, Disneyland has continued to thrive and spur the growth of Anaheim and its surrounding community. Major cities nearby include Santa Ana and Los Angeles.

Anaheim Lawyers Handle Every Kind of Legal Topic

Anaheim attorneys practice in personal injury law, immigration law, criminal law, bankruptcy law, real estate law, and a variety of others. Local Anaheim lawyers will be familiar with local rules, as well as court staff, judges, and other Anaheim attorneys.

In the News: In 2006, attorneys for the city of Anaheim sued the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, a baseball team formerly known as the Anaheim Angels. The city claimed the name change was a violation of their lease agreement with the baseball team. The city of Los Angeles and every major sports team within Los Angeles joined in the lawsuit against the Angels. The Angels won, however, because their contract did not stipulate where the word “Anaheim” had to be referenced in the name of the team.

Anaheim attorneys practice in Orange County’s Superior Court system. In California, the Superior Court is the State’s trial court, and hears both criminal and civil cases. California is a large state, however, and its various Superior Courts have a wide variety of different rules and procedures.

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