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Learn More About Kings County, CA

Kings County is located in the central valley of California and is primarily known for its rich soil that promotes the agriculture in the area. As well, the Naval Air Station is located in Kings County. This air base is the largest master jet air station and newest in the United States Navy.
If you need legal advice while you are in Kings County, there are many Kings County lawyers ready to help you. These attorneys regularly practice in many areas of law including divorce, tax, personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, contracts, business, and more.
A settlement has recently been reached in a lawsuit brought by the family of a disabled 20 year old man and Kings County. The original lawsuit brought by the family accused Kings County and some of its officers of negligence in not supervising the man while he was being kept at a Kings County boot camp for minor offenders. The man, who was 17 at the time he hung himself while at the facility, was sentenced there after he took the family car for a joy ride and was involved in a hit and run accident. The family warned the facility at the time the youth was incarcerated that he had been suffering mentally and to keep an eye on him. However, the teenager managed to hang himself and now suffers from permanent brain injuries. The settlement for $4 million was recently reached between the parties.
If you have a case that you need to bring in Kings County, you will most likely report to the Superior Court of California, Kings County. This is a court of general jurisdiction and hears both civil and criminal cases that arise in the county. A local attorney can represent you in this court.
If you have been struggling to find a great Kings County lawyer to represent you, is here to help. We offer you a free online service that you can use to quickly and efficiently get matched up to an attorney in your area that has the skills to represent you effectively. Best of all, when you use LegalMatch, you get to read attorney profiles and past client reviews.
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