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Learn More About Hacienda Heights, CA

Hacienda Heights is an unincorporated census designated place that is located in Los Angeles County. Perhaps the most notable landmark in Hacienda Heights is the Hsi Lai Temple, which is the largest Buddhist temple in Southern California and covers more than 15 acres of floor space. Additionally, Hacienda Heights is known for the Puente Hills Mall which was featured in the motion picture Back to the Future.

If you are facing legal charges in Hacienda Heights, you should probably speak to one of the experienced Hacienda Heights lawyers in the area. These attorneys regularly represent their clients in many legal areas including divorce, automobile accidents, contracts, real estate ,wills, criminal defense, DUI, personal injury, employment, business, and more.

The owner of a restaurant in Hacienda Heights is currently facing a lawsuit that claims she falsely advertised a sushi making class and fraudulent took the money of her students. The lawsuit claims that the owner advertised in a Chinese newspaper two positions in a sushi making class that would cost $3,000. Two students came forward and were promised a job in the Hacienda Heights restaurant upon completion of the course. The students paid up, and instead of making sushi, were instructed to clean the defendant’s house and do her chores. Before the completion of the class, the owner told her two students that classes would be suspended due to a shortage of fish. Instead, she enrolled another student with the promise of a job at her Hacienda Heights restaurant. None of her students ever learned how to make sushi, nor did they ever work at the restaurant.

If you have been the victim of some wrong in Hacienda Heights and you want to take legal action, you will most likely have to file your complaint at the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. This is the largest and busiest court system in the state and this is why it is important that you have a qualified local attorney to represent you.

It is easy to give up your legal battle before it even starts if you have been having a hard time finding a great Hacienda Heights lawyer. This is where LegalMatch can help you. We offer you a free online service that can quickly and easily match your case to attorneys in your area that are excited about helping you and have the skills to do so. Best of all, when you use our service, you get access to hard to find information like attorney profiles and past client reviews.

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