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Learn More About Norco, CA

Norco is a Riverside County city that is home to 25,000 Southern Californians. The city’s name, Norco, is taken from the original area’s name “North Norco.” Today, many Norco citizens are employed by the California Rehabilitation Center and the Naval Surface Warfare Center. Norco is known for being home to many horse enthusiasts and offers countless riding trails where there would normally be sidewalks.

Norco is not all service men and horses, the city is also home to lawyers who know local courts well. Lawyers in Norco advise on many different cases like bankruptcy, child custody, personal injury, DUI, and immigration visa and deportation cases.

The Norco Chamber of Commerce was recently named as the defendant in a discrimination case. Damara Fergus alleged that she had been discriminated against and wrongfully terminated after notifying the organization that she was pregnant and would be taking maternity leave. Shortly after Fergus was terminated for leaving her door unlocked. The lawsuit that sought “no less than $100,000” was settled for an undisclosed amount.

If you live in Norco and are looking to file a case like a civil lawsuit, you will be heading to the Riverside County Superior Court. California Superior Courts are solely responsible for any criminal, civil, contract, probate, small claims, juvenile, traffic, or real property case that may arise in the state. Residents of Norco that have immigration issues should file with the U.S. Immigration Court in Los Angeles, California. Norco bankruptcy cases are handled by the U.S. District Court for the District of Southern California.

LegalMatch is America’s premier client-lawyer matching service that guarantees you will be paired with a Norco lawyer free of charge. Check out the LegalMatch Law Library if you want to learn more about your case. The law library retains over 4,000 articles on today’s most pertinent issues.

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