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Learn More About Oxnard, CA

It’s most likely that you have heard of Oxnard mentioned with Caesar Chavez or the California Strawberry Festival; but Oxnard is also a major railroad transit hub and home to two United States Naval bases. Oxnard is the largest city in Ventura County and is noted for being the strawberry and lima bean capital of the world as a result of fertile Oxnard Plain soil.

Oxnard is also home to many talented lawyers who take cases in a variety of fields, including work visa and green card immigration, DUI, divorce, personal injury, and wrongful termination. Lawyers in Oxnard are knowledgeable of local court procedures and are qualified to consult you on any legal issue that you may face.

Oxnard school officials report that the State’s seven-year district grant may leave the budget too thin to maintain reducing class sizes at Frank Intermediate School. The Oxnard School District has 7 of the 11 schools receiving monetary support through California’s Quality Education Investment Act which arose from a lawsuit. The Quality Education Investment Act currently provides some $3 billion to the state’s lowest-performing schools in an effort to reduce class size, add more school counselors, and supply better teacher training. The school has filed a lawsuit petitioning for additional funds in Ventura Superior Court.

If you are planning on filing for divorce in Oxnard, you will be filing with the Ventura County Superior Court at their East County Courthouse which takes cases such as domestic relations, civil lawsuits, tort, contract, real property, small claims, and probate cases. If you have a juvenile case, the Ventura County Superior Court’s Juvenile Division has exclusive jurisdiction over all juvenile and guardianship cases. Criminal cases are heard at the Superior Court’s Ventura Hall of Justice which is responsible for all criminal cases including DUIs and felonies.

In whichever court you file you will need a pre-screened Oxnard lawyer; LegalMatch is the fastest and most comprehensive way to find a great lawyer. LegalMatch offers a LegalCenter which contains an online law library, forums on any legal issue, and a customer satisfaction guarantee. LegalMatch is the place to go for solving any legal issue you may face, before you select a lawyer check out our helpful legal tips.

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