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Learn More About Eureka, CA

Eureka is the seat of Humboldt County and is known for the Coast Redwoods which are the world’s tallest trees. Eureka has historically served as the California North Coast hub for trade and was named the #1 on John Villani’s 100 best art towns of America. After a route from San Francisco to Eureka was established, the city boomed as the “Queen City of the Ultimate West.”

As the Queen City of the Ultimate West, Eureka is home to a handful of outstanding lawyers. Lawyers in Eureka take a diverse mixture of cases that arise in the area, some examples are: bankruptcy, divorce, restraining order, wrongful termination, and criminal cases like DUI and drug charges.

Recently in Eureka, a 15 year-old Humboldt County teenager faces felony DUI charges in superior court after he drove off the road and plummeted down a 100 foot embankment near the Eel River. Officers arriving on the scene rescued the driver who was rushed to a nearby medical center as well as his 18 year-old friend who crawled from the wreckage back to the road for help. A recent California law enacted allows rescue officials to charge drivers convicted with a DUI for the cost of their services.

If you have a pending DUI charge or lawsuit to file in Eureka, the Humboldt County Superior Court will be able to handle your case. While criminal charges will earn you a summons to the criminal division, other cases like lawsuits and divorce proceedings must be filed. It’s best to consult a Eureka lawyer who is familiar with the local Humboldt County Superior Court system and filing procedures. For immigration issues in Eureka, you will have to consult a California U.S. Immigration Court which have jurisdiction over those issues.

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A qualified California lawyer can provided you more information if there is a legal basis for a claim. For more information on Eureka lawyers and courts, please see the links below:

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