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Learn More About San Rafael, CA

Tucked away in the hills of Marin County, San Rafael is a small community with a big presence. Located minutes away from the Golden Gate Bridge and San Francisco, San Rafael is home to a host of film and video game companies. Lucasfilm, founded by Star Wars creator George Lucas, was founded in San Rafael and has shot movie footage there. Much of the movie Gattaca was filmed in San Rafael’s famous Civic Center, and the special effects company Industrial Light and Magic also has operations in the city.
The city is also home to a large number of highly qualified San Rafael lawyers. Lawyers in San Rafael can assist you with personal injury, family law, business litigation, criminal defense, and a variety of other legal issues you may be facing.
San Rafael attorneys were recently on both sides of a curious lawsuit filed against San Rafael police. A defendant convicted of voyeur related arrests sued the city to collect pornographic materials taken from him during a parole search. The police won the lawsuit, since the defendant was not supposed to possess any pornographic materials as a condition of his parole.
If you have a case in San Rafael, you will likely be going to a Marin County Superior Court, located at the Marin County Civic Center in San Rafael. The court is divided into separate divisions of criminal, juvenile, and civil, and a local San Rafael attorney will be familiar with the various rules and procedures of these different court rooms.
For assistance in finding a San Rafael attorney, is your best online resource. Our free service will match you with a local San Rafael attorney in good standing with the California Bar, and with experience on your type of case. Don’t rely on the phonebook, get the facts you need to make the right decision with LegalMatch.
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