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*TrustPilot score as of 2023

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  • by Beverly

    I was very happy with my LegalMatch…

    I was very happy with my LegalMatch visit. The lawyer who called me was VERY good and we developed a great working relationship. Taylor Tondevold satisfied my legal issues and then some and his fees were only a fraction of what I paid to have my Trust and Will done in 2002. Thank you Taylor! I highly recommend Mr Tondevold for any of your legal issues.

  • by Julian

    Great site for professional help regarding legal matters.

    I found this site to be very helpful in getting the questions and answers I needed to move forward with my case. I got several calls from different lawyers and was very satisfied with the information I received. Thank you Legalmatch for the help.

  • by Paul

    LegalMatch is a Trusted source.

    The choices and locations of the attorneys I had to choose from was great, it let me tailor my case with someone who had lots of experience with cases like mine.

  • by Diana

    I needed assistance with some legal…

    I needed assistance with some legal matters and didn't know where to go. I found LegalMatch and decided to give it a try. Instantly after filling out their questionnaire, I started receiving calls from the exact lawyers I needed for my legal matters.

  • by Gragnax

    5 Stars for LegalMatch

    LegalMatch did exactly as advertised and put me in contact with a number of attorneys quickly and with minimal effort on my part. The process was easy and straightforward and made the stressful and confusing process of finding the right lawyer a breeze.

  • by Mary

    Fast Connection Service - I’m So Happy I Found this!

    I was looking for an attorney for my child custody case and Legal Match was able to connect me with local offices in my area. Online Service provided information within 24 hours of my posting. I’m really satisfied.

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