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Learn More About Tulare, CA

Tulare is located in Tulare County, California and has a small town feel with a rich and historic past. It is home to the World Ag Expo which is held annually each winter at the International Agri-Center complex. It is the world’s largest farming and agricultural equipment show and attracts guests and representatives from around the world. When the show is about to take place the town almost doubles in size and all hotels are booked at least a month in advance. Tulare is so well known as one of the leading dairy producers in California that it has a giant water tower that is made to resemble a glass of milk, complete with striped red straw rising from the top.

Tulare Regional Medical Center recently settled a suit, to the surprise of many residents, where the center will pay $2.4 million after admitting officials took part in a Medicare scheme to illegally reimburse doctors who referred patients to the hospital. The doctors, who allegedly received kickbacks from the Regional Medical Center were given rental arrangements at below market rates, were able to purchase commercial real estate at below market value, and had debts forgiven.

Superior Court of California, Tulare County is the only court to serve the city of Tulare. The Superior Court hears cases involving contracts, torts, real property, domestic relations, criminal, juvenile, and traffic issues.

If you are currently facing a legal matter then do not delay in finding a Tulare lawyer. Tulare lawyers practice in many areas of law including agriculture, property, contracts, and family law.

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