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Learn More About Fontana, CA

Fontana is a Southern California city in San Bernardino County. Fontana was once a town of chicken coops and farms but more recently has been inundated by Los Angeles commuters who’ve transformed the once rural town into a bedroom community. Fontana recently has seen the construction of the Auto Club Speedway, the largest San Bernardino public library, and over the past four years has grown by about 10,000 new residents each year. Major cities near Fontana include Riverside and San Bernardino.

With so many people flocking to Fontana, it’s no surprise to find that it hosts many talented lawyers. Lawyers in Fontana take all kinds of cases, some examples are: wills and trusts, real estate, malpractice lawsuits, permanent visas, and divorce.

In the News: Recently near Fontana, the war over California coasts’ natural resources heats up like never before as various states have voted aggressively to support the drilling of a reported 6 million acres of sea off the coast of California. The California Coastal Commission alongside other environmentalist groups stated that the chances of them filing a lawsuit to block offshore drilling is as likely as “the sun coming up tomorrow.”

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit in Fontana, you’ll probably be visiting the San Bernardino Courthouse in Fontana which has jurisdiction over all kinds of cases in Fontana. The superior court has many different divisions and it’s important that you file with the correct division or you will lose valuable time and money. The superior court hears family cases like divorce, civil cases like employment disputes, all kinds of criminal cases, juvenile, probate, and even traffic cases. It’s important to hire a LegalMatch lawyer in Fontana who knows the court to assure accurate and timely justice.

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(may not be the same place you live)

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