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Learn More About El Cajon, CA

El Cajon, CA is located is the Southern Half of San Diego County. El Cajon is a nestled valley surrounded by mountains; this geography gave rise to the town’s nickname “The Big Box.” El Cajon is home to a whole heap of former and major league baseball players including Aaron Boone, Bob Boone, and Bret Boone amongst others. El Cajon is also home to former Playboy Playmate Julia Schultz.

El Cajon lawyers vary in specialization. The attorneys in El Cajon can take on a variety of cases, including bankruptcy law, business law, criminal defense, DUI, employees’ rights, immigration and many others.

The El Cajon Superior Court recently heard the case of Anthony Miller, a 23-year-old accused of armed robbery, burglary, and potentially murder. Miller is accused of being involved in a liquor store robbery which resulted in the shooting of a store owner and an employee. After lengthy deliberations, the jurors were stuck at a deadlock with 11 jurors for and one against convicting the 23-year-old. Co-defendant Jean Pierre Rices plead guilty to the murders and may face the death penalty.

Mr. Miller’s defense attorney must be familiar with the San Diego Superior Courts, specifically the one located in El Cajon. Familiarity with an area’s court and judges can sometimes be as important as knowledge of the case itself. A client should expect their attorney to have a keen understanding of the relevant court houses and the local practice rules in each.

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