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Build your practice! With a LegalMatch Membership you get steady leads. Simplify your marketing. Remove the need for learning about and implementing the latest search engine optimization best practices, long-term conversion rate testing and content development strategies to stay competitive. We use advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to stay on top of legal lead generation to deliver leads to your email inbox or mobile phone daily. We maintain an extensive Law Library with 7500+ articles helping over a million people each month understand their legal issues and easily find a local lawyer.

“When I joined LegalMatch (and it’s the only marketing platform I’m using) I cut my marketing overhead by eighty percent and I doubled my business. It’s been radically impactful for me and my firm.“ - Clarke W. Wills, Trusts, and Estates Attorney

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To view cases in any practice area and location, sign up for a free attorney membership guest pass. See if our lead generation service can provide the legal leads you need. To get access to a guest pass, either schedule a demo or fill out a lead form and we’ll contact you shortly afterwards. Our guest passes allow you to fully preview how our system works and view all existing new cases in your legal practice area and location on our live system. For any additional information, please visit our How It Works for Attorneys page.

LegalMatch is the smart way to market your practice. We use leading-edge Internet strategies and techniques that has allowed us to provide a reliable, profitable service to our member attorneys:

Access to New Cases Daily

Any attorney who signs up for a LegalMatch membership is likely to be matched with a new case lead in their practice area within the first 24 to 48 hours.

Increased Revenue and Stronger ROI

Decreased overhead and more time to focus on your practice and current caseload can only lead to better results and a higher return on your investment.

Respond to Quality Leads Instantly

Attorneys can respond to quality clients the moment their case is submitted, from any location, at any time using our mobile app.

Trusted Lead Generation Service for Attorneys

“It's the most beneficial because it can be counted on to deliver leads. The leads are fairly solid, whether they turn into cases or not. The leads are well-vetted.” - Steve C., General Practice

Attorney Reviews & Success Stories

LegalMatch supports and markets your legal practice through inbound digital marketing services based on your current business goals and needs. Whether you're a new attorney looking for a steady stream of local clients, or an experienced law firm looking to expand its clientele, the success stories below highlight just some of the ways we've helped attorneys just like you grow their practice.

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