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Learn More About Placerville, CA

Placerville is the county seat of El Dorado County and has a population of just under 10,000. Placerville has many buildings that are on the National Historic Register such as the Fountain-Tallman Soda Works and Confidence Hall. The Soda Works building is unique in that it survived the fires that destroyed the surrounding buildings because of its walls that are two feet thick and made from stone.

The Placerville lawyers can assist you in many legal areas such as tax, bankruptcy, divorce, contracts, business, domestic violent, criminal defense, personal injury, automobile accidents, and more.

A Placerville man was recently vindicated in court over the suspension of his driver’s license for having marijuana in the car with him while he was driving from Placerville to Washington. The man was pulled over by the CHP and the officer saw a pipe and a bag of the drug on the seat next to the Placerville man who has a legal permit to smoke marijuana for medicinal purposes. The officer confiscated the drug and the pipe and made the man perform a field sobriety test, which he passed. The man’s license was suspended and he fought the DMV in administrative proceedings for nine months before he was allowed to have his license back. Although he was never cited for driving under the influence, a charge appeared on his driving record, which had to be erased by the DMV.

When you are ready to file your lawsuit that arose in Placerville, you will likely have to do so at the Superior Court of California, County of El Dorado. This is a court of general jurisdiction meaning it has the power to hear civil and criminal cases. The local attorneys are well versed in the laws that this court applies and can represent you in your legal action.

If you have been struggling to find the right Placerville lawyer to represent you, is here to help. When you visit LegalMatch, you have the option of filling out a simple intake form. After this, attorneys in your area can view your situation and decide whether they have the skills necessary to represent you. If they do, you will get an e-mail from the attorney asking about representation. That that point you can read their profiles and past client reviews to make an informed decision.

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