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Learn More About Menlo Park, CA

Menlo Park is located just next to Stanford University and some of the best Silicon Valley venture capital firms. Menlo Park is also home to SRI, one of the world’s largest contract research firms, as well as the Stanford linear accelerator. In addition to these institutions, Google was also founded in Menlo Park in 1998.

In addition to being home to some of the largest institutions in the world, Menlo Park also has some great Menlo Park lawyers. These attorneys are available to assist you in many legal matters including tax disputes, real estate transactions, employment discrimination actions, personal injury claims, DUI defense, and more.

The city of Menlo Park recently filed a lawsuit against the California High Speed Rail Authority claiming that the Rail Authority ignored the letter that the city and residents of Menlo Park sent to the authority. The letter concerned the proposed path of California’s new bullet train. According to state environmental law, the authority must respond to any meaningful letters that the Rail Authority received during its planning phase. There is a record of Menlo Park faxing a letter, but apparently it got lost somewhere in transition and was never responded to. The lawsuit wants the authority to take Menlo Park’s concerns into account and re-plan the path that the train will take.

Menlo Park lawyers are ideally situated to take care of any legal issue that you many have in the Bay Area. The neighboring cities of San Jose and San Francisco both house federal trial courts, and San Francisco is also home to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. Because of their proximity to such a broad range of courts and venues, a Menlo Park attorney is a great choice for any legal matter that you have in the Bay Area.

LegalMatch is your online tool to match you with the right Menlo Park lawyer for your case. We believe that clients need to trust their lawyers and should have more power when it comes to choosing their legal representation. LegalMatch allows you to view a lawyers credentials and billing rates before ever talking to the attorney, meaning more information at your disposal so you can make a better choice.

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