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Learn More About Hesperia, CA

Located in the Mojave Desert, the city of Hesperia represents somewhat of an oasis for its residents. With world class golfing and various unique and creative restaurants, Hesperia is a big draw for tourists. As well, the lake on the south side of the city is somewhat of a gathering place for Hesperia residents. The 4th of July celebrations as well as the Hesperia Day festival are held at the lake, and the nearby soccer fields host some of the most exciting games in southern California.

If you need legal assistance in Hesperia, there are a number of experience Hesperia lawyers available to help you. These legal professionals regularly practice in areas of law such as divorce, alimony, automobile accidents, slip and falls, criminal negligence, nuisance, DUI, assault and battery, contracts, and many more.

The city of Hesperia entered into eminent domain proceedings to try to acquire a four acre parcel of land in the city to expand its police station. The joint owners of the land originally were against selling their land to Hesperia, but are now worried that the city is violating their constitutional rights. Hesperia needs the land to expand its overcrowded police station and proposes to adequately compensate the owners of the land to avoid any costly litigation.

Hesperia is served by the Superior Court of California County of San Bernardino, a court of general jurisdiction that hears all types of cases. Because of the local laws that govern the running of this court, a local Hesperia lawyer is the perfect person to represent you because of their knowledge of the workings of this court.

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