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Learn More About Porterville, CA

Porterville is located in the county of Tulare in California. It was settled in 1826, incorporated in May of 1902, and lists its population as 51,000. In 1994, Porterville received the All-America City Award. The award is given annually to ten American cities which demonstrate unity amongst its residence in accomplishing community-wide challenges. The city is often referred to as the “Gateway to the Sequoias”.

Porterville is situated near the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountain range. The city is also home to Lake Success. Residents of Porterville enjoy hiking the hills and visiting Lake Success for recreation during the summer. Porterville is a very old city and was frequented quite often during the California gold rush of the 1840’s. The community has experienced significant growth due to development and the introduction of several industries. Several public facilities are located in the city, such as the Sequoia National Forest Headquarters, the Army Corps of Engineers Lake Success Facility, and the Porterville Development Center.
In March of 2010, a National Labor Relations Board judge issued a ruling against Foster Farms, which has a plant located in the Porterville. The administrative judge concluded that the company was unfair in seeking to deter labor organizers by promising them workers benefits. Investigation into the plant’s operations began in 2007, and the judge stated that the company’s actions violated federal rules. The labor board also cited the company in 2008 for failing to translate portions of an election ballot into different languages. The plant still operates about 10 miles away from Lake Success.
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Porterville cases are heard in the Tulare County Superior Court. The Superior Court has jurisdiction over all kinds of civil and criminal causes of action. Appeals may be heard in the California 5th District Court of Appeals.
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