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Learn More About West Hollywood, CA

Its residents and those who know it well call it WeHo, short for West Hollywood. This city is found in the metropolitan area of the second largest city in America, which is Los Angeles, in the county of the same name. It counts more than thirty-four thousand citizens in its rolls.

Incorporated in 1984, its early history is that of a maverick place, where liquor was sold during Prohibition, never surrendering its autonomy to its close big city neighbor. Until its incorporation, it was an unregulated area under county management. A long stretch of the famed Sunset Strip runs through it, the boulevard which is home to many boutiques, nightclubs, and restaurants.

The area had a negative reputation during its early history, although it has contributed to the culture and fame of the region. This in no way makes the city lesser in quality than others. The character of its current demographic is also more positive.

In fact, this is where legislation, codes and city ordinances for the LGBT community are given priority, aiding other cities with landmark cases or political action that guides the future of the nation where LGBTs are concerned. Gays in the city practiced the zap, a political action in the form of a public demonstration, and zaps in the 60s culminated in the infamous Stonewall Riot of 1969, a major turning point in gay activism.

That important part of WeHo history became a legal basis for state and federal laws which have resulted in a more positive and humane treatment of the gay community. The city today has a gay majority in the city council.

To know more about the public record here, the County of Los Angeles runs a library in the city. There are several other libraries available. The most relevant legal organizations helping citizens in this city include the Los Angeles LGBT Center, Los Angeles Free Clinic, Center for Healthcare Rights and the California and L.A. Bar Associations.

The association with the big city is a major advantage for WeHo citizens where the law is concerned. L.A. has one of the highest concentrations of lawyers in the country, many of whom provide pro bono services.

Another alternative for free legal resources is LegalMatch’s Online Law Library. It has over 10,000 articles that can guide you in the right direction regarding your legal case if you are not yet ready to hire the services of a lawyer.

LegalMatch provides an attorney matching resource for any kind of legal needs, including business or commercial, family, criminal law and gay or LGBT rights advocacy.

(may not be the same place you live)

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