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Learn More About Gardena, CA

Once known for its poker houses, Gardena today has tried to part ways with its gambling past. Like many cities in Los Angeles County, however, popular culture references to the area have maintained Gardena’s fame as a popular destination for poker players.

Gardena lawyers can help you with criminal defense, business litigation, real estate transactions, wills and trusts, family law, or any other legal issue you may be facing.

Attorneys in Gardena recently succeeded in a lawsuit against one of their colleagues. A lawyer who formerly represented Rodney King was sued for malpractice by another former client. His client alleged that he failed to properly defend her wrongful death suit from being thrown out of court. Although malpractice lawsuits are difficult to win, her new Gardena attorneys succeeded in proving that had her previous lawyer effectively represented her, her case may have turned out different.

If you have a case in Gardena, you will want to hire a competent lawyer that knows the ins and outs of the Los Angeles County Superior Court System. The largest court system in California, your Gardena lawyer should know the rules and procedures specific to Los Angeles County Courts. Proper procedures are often the difference between having your case heard and getting it thrown out of court.

Need help finding a pre-screened Gardena attorney? That’s where LegalMatch comes in. There are thousands of lawyers around Gardena, but LegalMatch makes your search easy. Tell us some basic information about your case and we will match you to local Gardena attorneys who are familiar with your legal issue. Our service is free and your information remains totally confidential.

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