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Learn More About Imperial Beach, CA

Imperial Beach is the most southern beach city in Southern California. Imperial Beach is home to 30,000 San Diego County residents who live just 3 miles north of Tijuana, Mexico. About 500,000 visitors from throughout the world come for the annual U.S. Open Sand Castle Tournament and the Imperial Beach Classic Car Show each summer.

Imperial Beach is home to a handful of lawyers who are familiar with local San Diego County Superior Courts as well as Federal and U.S. Immigration Court procedures. Lawyers in Imperial Beach advise on nearly every kind of case including but not limited to: green card immigration, divorce, bankruptcy, medical malpractice, and criminal cases like DUI and felony hearings.

Recently in Imperial Beach, Samuel Durwood Brians was arrested by San Diego County Sheriffs for the shooting of his girlfriend. The shooting happened at her Imperial Beach apartment from which she was transported to the hospital and is listed in grave condition. Samuel Brians is listed in over a dozen family, criminal, and civil cases and most recently was sentenced to 3 years probation, pay an $800 fine, and $4,520 in restitution for a felony vandalism charge. Brians also is listed as the defendant is over 14 criminal cases alone in San Diego County.

If you have a divorce or lawsuit to file in Imperial Beach then you will be heading to the San Diego County Superior Court which is the highest trial level court with which you may file in California. California Superior Courts take most cases that arise in Imperial Beach but the U.S. Immigration Court is responsible for hearing immigration issues.

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