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Learn More About Los Banos, CA

Los Banos has 26,000 Merced County residents who live at the intersection of Interstate 5 and State Route 152. This San Joaquin Valley city offers an airport, the Los Banos Municipal Airport, and a growing number of new shopping centers. Los Banos is most notably the home of the Randall Fawcett House that was a Usonian home designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.

Los Banos plays host to some knowledgeable lawyers who are familiar with taking green card immigration, personal injury lawsuit, divorce, bankruptcy, and criminal charges like DUI cases.

Recently in Los Banos, James Merritt Eaton, his son Brian Chandlet Eaton, and his business associate appraisal executive Michael John Bell have been arrested on felony conspiracy to defraud charges, 17 counts of grand theft by false pretense, 2 felony identity theft, and 2 felony false impersonation counts each. The three also face enhancements for all allegations of white-collar crime in excess of $100,000 and property damage of more than $50,000, which could land them 18 years in prison.

If you have pending criminal charges in Los Banos then you will be heading to the Merced County Superior Court. California Superior Courts offer jurisdiction over most cases that arise including domestic cases such as divorce, civil, real property, probate, juvenile, and criminal cases. If you have work visa, citizenship, or any other immigration case, the U.S. Immigration Court will be your place of filing.

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