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Learn More About Palmdale, CA

Palmdale is the first community in Antelope Valley to be incorporated as a city. Palmdale has been ranked amongst the top 25 fastest growing cities in the United States for over 25 years to date. Palmdale has almost 105 square miles of land mass making it one of the largest cities in the United States not currently served by either a U.S. Highway or an interstate freeway.

Palmdale lawyers practice in a variety of legal fields. Attorneys in Palmdale are available for cases in criminal, employment, real estate, personal injury, corporate, immigration, divorce and many other fields of law. It is important that a client’s attorney practices in the appropriate legal field.
A Palmdale woman recently brought a suit against Sacha Baron Cohen requesting money damages for an injury she allegedly sustained during the filming of Bruno. During the incident, Cohen went into a charity bingo game in Palmdale, CA and took a microphone from Richelle Olson (the plaintiff). As a result, Olson became emotionally distraught, left the stage, and began sobbing uncontrollably until she lost consciousness and hit her head against a concrete slab. Olson is confined to a wheelchair and is suing Cohen and NBC for damages.
Civil suits, such as these, will likely be held in the Superior Court of California County of Los Angeles. Federal cases in the area will be filed in the United States District Court Central District of California. The differences between these courts are significant and an attorney should know which courthouse to file your case in.
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