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Learn More About Victorville, CA

Victorville is a city in San Bernardino County that has played host to many notable movie filmings including The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift, Kill Bill Volume 2, Terminator III: Rise of the Machines, Face/Off, and portions of Lethal Weapon and 1977’s The Hills Have Eyes. The population of Victorville is about 107,721.
Victorville is home to many experienced San Bernardino County lawyers who know local courts and their procedures. Lawyers in Victorville take many different types of cases; some examples include: green card immigration, chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, workers compensation, and DUI cases.
Recently in Victorville, the $10 million California Lottery winner entered a guilty plea to gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated in addition to a DUI charge. Thomas Turnour won the lotto in 2001 and is a Victorville resident. Turnour was sentenced to 17 years for the drunk driving collision that killed three people halted at a stoplight in Victorville.
If you are thinking about filing a for divorce in Victorville, you’re probably going to be visiting the San Bernardino County Superior Court which has a number of divisions. Lawsuits, for example, are handled by the Civil Division; domestic matters are heard by the Family Division; and the Criminal Division will summon you for criminal hearings.
LegalMatch’s pairing services will offer you a list of pre-screened Victorville lawyers who want to take your case. The LegalCenter’s law library allows you to research on a number of different legal topics but nothing will substitute the services of a bar certified LegalMatch lawyers in Victorville.
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