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Learn More About Palm Desert, CA

Palm Desert is a Riverside County city that rests in the Coachella Valley and boasts a large population of wealthy vacation homes that become vacant as the summer heat approaches. Palm Desert is renowned for its golf courses, spas, and posh shopping.
Palm Desert also plays host to a number of talented lawyers who are familiar with local Riverside County court procedures. Lawyers in Palm Desert take a wide array of cases; some normal cases include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, divorce, real estate, wrongful death, and personal injury cases.
Palm Desert residents are at the center of an alleged misleading mailer from a Property Tax Reassessment division. Palm Desert resident Barbra Pfluger received the envelope that offers a reassessment of her property taxes for a $93 fee; however, the mailer looks identical to the property taxes issued by the government. Pfleuger and hundreds of other duped customers are canceling their payments or trying to get a refund for the service that the Riverside Assessor-County Clerk Recorder does for free.
If you are looking to file a lawsuit in Palm Desert, you’ll probably be visiting the Civil Division of the Riverside County Superior Court. Divorce, child custody, and other domestic issues are heard by the Family Division; the Criminal Division summons those with pending charges. If you are looking to fight a traffic violation, you are likely to visit the Traffic Division.
LegalMatch will pair you with a Palm Desert lawyer who is familiar with Riverside County courts and their procedures. Check out the LegalCenter for forums on nearly every legal issue, tips for choosing the best lawyer for you, and a legal blawg. LegalMatch’s legal resources and pairing services are free and are backed by a customer satisfaction guarantee.
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