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Learn More About Yucaipa, CA

Yucaipa is a San Bernardino County city that has seen a 27% growth since 2000. Yucaipa is home to about 52,000 residents who enjoy visiting the Yucaipa Adobe and any number of local city parks.
Yucaipa is also where a number of talented lawyers take a wide range of cases. Lawyers in Yucaipa are familiar with local San Bernardino County courts and their procedures; some typical cases include: chapter 7 bankruptcy, personal injury, wrongful termination, estate administration cases as well as divorce and other family law issues like child custody.
Recently, Yucaipa resident and Crafton Hills College student Joshua Endres became the center of a class action Wells Fargo lawsuit. Endres signed up for a College Visa credit card from Wells Fargo and is now paying off the $300 in overdraft fees triggered by a $.01 overdraw. The lawsuit is seeking class action status as a result of the multitude of people affected by the so called fraudulent charges.
If you have pending criminal charges in Yucaipa, you will be summoned by the Criminal Division of the San Bernardino County Superior Court. Lawsuits are filed with the Civil Division or a Small Claims Court the same way you file with the Family Division for divorce and other domestic disputes.
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