In the past, when people wanted to find a lawyer, most people relied on either word of mouth, the Yellow Pages, or attorney referral services. Such services are typically operated by city or county bar associations. In order to connect with an attorney, you’d often call the referral service, and tell them what your legal issue was. In response, they’d pass on the name of an attorney you could speak with. 

But how would you know if the attorney they referred was the right one for your case? They might just be the next attorney in line for the next case. Bar associations might also cost $20-$25 for an attorney referral. If you were looking for a choice of lawyers, or background information about the attorneys (such as their case win record), then this was not the most efficient method. 

Similar problems exist when trying to use the Yellow Pages to find a lawyer. A simple phone number or a small ad could not provide you with enough information to weigh the services of a particular attorney. Using the Yellow Pages is largely a hit-or-miss approach that can often be time-consuming. 

LegalMatch realized that there could be a much better way for people to make informed decisions when finding and selecting an attorney for their cause. When LegalMatch was first launched in 2000, its aim was to simplify and revolutionize the traditional way of finding a lawyer. We knew that it was time to move away from a lawyer referral service and put the power of connection in the hands of attorneys and their potential clients. 

Some of the many benefits that LegalMatch offers over conventional lawyer referral services include:

  • All attorneys are pre-screened. Each attorney will have a valid bar license, good reference, no serious disciplinary problems, and will be in good standing with their specific state bar association. In contrast, any attorney can purchase an ad in the Yellow Pages.
  • LegalMatch lets you view detailed information about all prospective attorney matches. With LegalMatch, you can learn the attorney’s educational history (law school and undergraduate education), legal experience, what types of cases they’ve handled, legal fees and charges, and ratings from other clients they have represented before. With lawyer referral services, you only get a name and phone number
  • You only need to state your legal issue once with LegalMatch. With other approaches, you may be wasting valuable time repeating your story over and over again. You have control over who you choose. 
  • LegalMatch allows you to post your case while remaining completely confidential throughout the process. You can post anonymously from the comfort of your home or work. Prospective attorney matches will see the facts of your case but not your name.
  • LegalMatch backs all attorney matches with a $1,000-$5,000 Satisfaction Guarantee. Attorney referral services offer no such guarantees.
  • On top of that, LegalMatch leaves behind the concept of a lawyer referral service and instead focuses on being the best platform for lawyers and potential clients to meet and make connections.

Over 98% of LegalMatch users say they would use our services again and recommend it to friends. The choice is clear: LegalMatch offers a way to find a lawyer that is superior to the Yellow Pages and bar referral services.