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Learn More About Rosemead, CA

Rosemead, California is a city of roughly 58,000 residents and is located in Los Angeles County. Rosemead was once part of the lands that were governed by the San Gabriel Mission. Eventually, pioneers began to settle the region that is today Rosemead. Two pioneers who settled the land was Leonard J. Rose and his wife. The Rose family purchased 600 acres of land which they used to breed and train horses. Originally, the Rose family called the land Rose Meadows which was eventually shortened to Rosemead.
The city of Rosemead is located in Los Angeles County. Cases filed by Lakewood will generally be heard in Los Angeles Superior Court. Los Angeles Superior Court has divisions to hear cases that are civil or criminal in nature. In addition, cases that are about juvenile matters, family disputes, or involves probate matters will be heard in Los Angeles Superior Court.
Rosemead lawyers represent clients in cases involving real estate matters, immigration law, wills and trusts, family, criminal, bankruptcy, and a host of others.
LegalMatch is the ideal tool to help you select the right lawyer to represent you in Rosemad. With LegalMatch, you can review a lawyer’s qualifications, availability, and prices at no cost and with no obligation. In addition, LegalMatch also offers an extensive legal library and legal blogs which allow you to research your question first for free.
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