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Learn More About Florin

Florin is home to 28,000 Sacramento County residents and has recently become the location of many new shopping destinations and restaurants. Florin has quickly gained popularity among Sacramento-based company employees because it offers outstanding educational facilities and reasonable home prices. Florin is also home to a number of transportation and warehousing companies that serve the central valley.

A number of Florin’s residents are lawyers who are familiar with practicing in the Sacramento Valley. Lawyers in Florin litigate a diverse selection of cases like bankruptcy, contract disputes, personal injury, divorce, and immigration cases.

Recently in Florin, the California Highway Patrol’s Rapid Apprehension of Impaired Drivers, or raid for short, nabbed 57 motorists suspected of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Officers stated that the southern portions of Sacramento County are known for having high concentrations of drug and alcohol traffic stops and are one reason Sacramento is a California traffic crash leader.

If have pending DUI or criminal charges in Florin, you will be summoned to the Sacramento County Superior Court. The superior court takes most cases that arise in Florin such as family, business, criminal, probate, small claims, real estate, and restraining order cases. The U.S. Immigration Court is responsible for handling green card, visa, and other immigration issues.

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