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Learn More About Hanford, CA

Hanford is the seat of Kings County and home to 52,000 California San Joaquin Valley residents. Grangeville, Hardwick, and Home Garden are three suburbs of Hanford that are often lumped into the city since its rapid expansion. Hanford is a major agricultural and trading area that largely employs service, farming, and manufacturing workers. Other major cities located near Hanford include Bakersfield,Fresno, Clovis, Delano, and Stockton.

Some of Hanford’s residents are California Bar certified lawyers. Lawyers in Hanford advise clients on a wide range of cases like bankruptcy, DUI, divorce, work-related personal injury, and immigration visa cases.

In the News: Recently in Hanford, David Hawk was convicted of 10 charges ranging from murder for financial gain and perjury to 3 counts of embezzlement and grant theft. The Kings County Superior Court jury sentenced Hawk to life for the first-degree murder of his ex-wife Debbie Hawk. The body of Debbie Hawk still hasn’t been found.

If you have a case to file in Hanford then you will be heading to the Kings County Superior Court. California Superior Courts are the only trial level courts with which you may file in the state and retain jurisdiction over most cases. Domestic relations, civil, small claims, real property, and criminal cases are all handled by the superior courts. Immigration issues like work visas, deportation, and citizenship cases are all filed with the U.S. Immigration Court.

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