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Learn More About San Fernando, CA

Nestled in Los Angeles County’s northwestern region, San Fernando is a California city that is bordered by the city of Los Angeles on all sides. It has a population of 23,645.

San Fernando is named after St. Ferdinand or the Mission San Fernando Rey de Espana. Its founder was Charles Maclay who bought a plot of land in the city in 1874. He also founded the Maclay School of Theology, a Methodist seminary.

According to the United States Census in 2010, the city had a median household income of about $55,192, while the median income for a household was $39,909.

When it comes to government structure, San Fernando is run by a city council, who is also responsible for appointing a mayor every year. The city’s current state and federal representatives are Democrat Robert Hertzberg, Democrat Luz Rivas, Senator Dianne Feinstein, Senator Kamala Harris, and Democrat Tony Cardenas.

The top employers in San Fernando, based on the annual financial report in 2017-2018, are the following: Los Angeles Unified School District, Pharmavite LLC, County of Los Angeles, Home Depot, Pepsi Bottling Company, PureTek, Production Resource Group LLC, Vallarta Supermarkets, Ricon Corp, and Valley Crest Landscape Co. Education, on the other hand, is mainly served by the Los Angeles Unified School District. It also has a public library, the San Fernando Library, which is operated by the County of Los Angeles Public Library.

Aside from the public library where the citizens of San Fernando can easily acquire useful information, this California city also has a good number of legal aid clinics that can provide pro bono services. For Personal Injury, there are the California Lawyers for the Arts and the Police Watch – Police Misconduct Lawyer Referral Service. There is also the Bet Tzedek Legal Services that specializes in Estate Planning.

Other credible legal clinics here that are experts in different law practices include Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County, Central American Resource Center (Los Angeles), Los Angeles LGBT Center,, Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles, Asian Pacific American Legal Center of Southern California, Break the Cycle, Immigration Center for Women and Children, and Pepperdine University School of Law Legal Aid Clinic.

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(may not be the same place you live)

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