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Learn More About Ontario, CA

Ontario, named for the Canadian province, is home to about 170,000 people. Ontario lies in San Bernardino County, and forms part of the Inland Empire.  Ontario also serves as the location for the Ontario Mills as well as the LA/Ontario International Airport.

Originally, Ontario was known as a health resort.  However, Ontario soon became an agricultural powerhouse, as its climate is ideal for citrus fruit, olives, and dairy farming.  Currently, Ontario’s economy is still fueled by agriculture, although the manufacturing industry as well as the service and warehousing sectors have grown substantially.

For over five decades, Ontario has featured religious scenes depicting Jesus’ life on the Euclid Avenue median during the holidays.  In 1998, Ontario resident Patrick Green sued the City for presenting this display.  Specifically, Green claimed that the display violated the California Constitution’s provision for separation of church and state.  The parties resolved their dispute, however, when private groups took full responsibility for funding the displays.

If you are engaged in a heated divorce, or simply need some friendly tax advice, can find the perfect Ontario lawyer for your case.  We have compiled a comprehensive bank of lawyers who have the education, training, and reputations you desire.

Let a trained professional guide your case through the San Bernardino Superior Court efficiently – and successfully.  In the meantime, you can seek legal advice on the LegalMatch forum on a variety of subjects, including workplace disputes.  Or, you can look up specific issues in the online law library.

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