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Learn More About Orcutt

Orcutt is located in Santa Barbara County, California, as an unincorporated suburb of the City of Santa Maria. It has a population of about 29,000 people. Established in 1868, Orcutt was once a stopping station named “La Graciosa” for the Central Coast Stagecoach Line.

Orcutt is currently one of the fastest growing locations in Santa Barbara County. Its economy is a unique mixture of both old and new industries, consisting of farming, oil, vineyards, as well as space and missile manufacturing. The western style town is situated in the valleys of Santa Barbara wine country.

For six years Orcutt has been the home of the Taste for Justice Festival which is held during the month of March. The festival is a fundraising event wherein residents of Orcutt and visitors can sample food, wine, and beer provided by the participant hosts of the event. Several local wineries contribute to the smorgasbord. The fundraiser benefits a local office that provides free legal services to sectors of the community experiencing various hardships.

Getting legal help can be complicated, especially for those experiencing economic or other hardships. LegalMatch is a unique company that matches applicants with attorneys for free. There are several lawyers servicing the Orcutt area, and using LegalMatch can take much of the confusion out of obtaining the proper legal services.

Those wishing to file a claim arising out of Orcutt may do so at the Santa Barbara County Superior Court, located in the city of Santa Maria. There are two divisions of the Santa Maria location. All civil, family law, and small claims cases are heard at the Cook division. Criminal cases and traffic claims are heard at the Miller division.

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