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Learn More About Alhambra, CA

Alhambra was originally founded to be a suburb of metropolitan Los Angeles, but has grown since then. The city has a very diverse community and has experienced great influxes of different nationalities throughout its history. Each year, Valley Boulevard is home to the Lunar New Year festival and parade.

The Alhambra lawyers can assist you in many areas of law including personal injury, DUI, divorce, bankruptcy, tax, real estate, business, incorporation, criminal defense, assault, battery, wills, estates and more.

Several high school girls in Alhambra recently sued the Alhambra School District and various school officials in a class action suit alleging that the school engaged in sex discrimination by unfairly favoring boys’ sports over girls’ sports. In support of their lawsuit, the plaintiffs listed several pieces of evidence, including that the city had recently spent nearly a million dollars on updating the boys’ baseball field with state of the art facilities while the girls’ softball team continued to play on their dirt field with non-working toilets. Indeed, the girls’ softball team was not even allowed to use the boys’ facilities. 

Alhambra lawyers regularly practice in the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles. These legal professionals are familiar with the local rules governing this court. It is important for you to hire an Alhambra lawyer that is familiar with this court system.

If you are looking for an Alhambra attorney, LegalMatch is here for you. LegalMatch provides you with a free service that can match you to a local Alhambra attorney that has experience with your type of case.  You can also look through our LegalCenter to find great tips on finding the right lawyer for you.

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