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Learn More About Hollister, CA

Hollister, California, is a San Benito County city that has been home to annual motorcycle rallies on the 4th of July since 1947. The 1947 Hollister motorcycle rally is the event from which the movie The Wild One is based. Hollister claims it is the earthquake capital of the world because it rests on the Calaveras Fault Line which is part of the San Andreas Fault system. Other important cities nearby include Gilroy and Salinas.

Hollister is home to a number of talented lawyers who take cases in bankruptcy, divorce, wrongful termination, personal injury, and drafting wills and trusts, among others. Lawyers in Hollister are familiar with local San Benito County Superior Courts and their procedures.

In the News: A medical marijuana dispensary in Hollister is now being forced to move after losing a lawsuit brought against it by San Benito County.  Purple Cross Rx originally opened in downtown Hollister in 2010. However, the city of Hollister was able to procure a court order to get the dispensary evicted for violating a zoning ordinance. Purple Cross Rx then moved to a new location just outside of Hollister’s city limits.  However, San Benito County promptly brought its own lawsuit against the medical marijuana dispensary over a zoning ordinance violation for the county. The trial court judge in the county zoning case decided to follow various California Supreme Court rulings against Purple Cross Rx for violating the county’s dispensary zoning ordinance.

If you re filing for divorce in Hollister, you will probably be visiting the Family Division of the San Benito County Superior Court in Hollister, California. The Superior Court’s Civil Division hears lawsuits and criminal charges will get you summoned by the Criminal Division.

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