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Learn More About San Francisco County, CA

One of California’s charter cities and one of the only to operate as both a city and county, San Francisco County is one of the world’s most unique places. The county rose to prominence during the Gold Rush of 1849, a date which also inspired the name for the San Francisco 49ers. Since then San Francisco County has weathered two devastating earthquakes, numerous fires, and one Great Depression. Holding true to the Phoenix depicted on its flag, the city has risen from the ashes numerous times in its illustrious history.

Today, San Francisco County is a west-coast center for finance, tourism, and the legal profession. San Francisco is home to some of the largest law firms in the world and some of the most respected legal professionals in the country. San Francisco County lawyers can help you in bankruptcy, real estate transactions, personal injury, divorce, criminal litigation, and a wide variety of other legal issues.

San Francisco County attorneys have argued some of the country’s most famous cases in San Francisco court houses. San Francisco is home to the Ninth Circuit of the United States Court of Appeals, the San Francisco Hall of Justice, San Francisco’s Civic Center Court House, and California’s highest court, the California Supreme Court. Famous cases in San Francisco include the In re Marriage Cases, a landmark decision in 2006 that allowed gays and lesbians in California to officially marry for the first time in state history.

As a charter city of California, San Francisco County is free to enact laws that may conflict with state regulations. San Francisco County, for instance, has some of the most tenant friendly laws in the state. Evicting tenants in San Francisco County is only possible in extremely limited circumstances, and tenants in San Francisco County who sign the most basic lease agreement are still guaranteed more rights than many tenants elsewhere in the country.

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