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Learn More About Chino, CA

Chino is a San Bernardino County city that is the center of Southern California agriculture production. Chino is also home to two air museums: Planes of Fame, and the Yanks Air Museum are both located at the Chino Airport.

Residents of Chino can afford a comfortable living style due to the top employers in the city.  The city’s top employers include Chino Valley Unified School District, the California Institute for Men, Chino Valley Medical Center, Hussmann, Wal-Mart, Mission Linen Supply, Target, Nature’s Best, Sundance Spas, AEP Industries, Omnia Furniture, ClosetMaid, Best Buy and Farmers Insurance Group.

Lawyers in Chino take many different kinds of cases and are familiar with the local San Bernardino County courts and procedures. Chino lawyers take cases such as chapter 7 bankruptcy, estate administration, divorce, personal injury, and DUI cases.

Recently, the city of Chino reached a settlement in an accidental shooting case.  At a Newman Elementary School Red Ribbon event featuring police motorcycles, three students were injured after another student was able to pull the trigger on a rifle that was mounted on one of the displayed police motorcycles and fire off rounds into the crowd.  The parents of one of the children agreed to settle for $5000 outside of court, but the parents of the other two children have retained legal representation and are in the process of filing lawsuits against Chino.

If you are thinking about filing a lawsuit in Chino, you’ll likely be visiting the Chino Courthouse which is home to Chino’s branch of the Superior Court. The San Bernardino County Superior Court in Chino has a number of divisions with which to file and it is important you file with the correct jurisdictional division. Lawsuits are handled by the Civil Division; child support and other domestic matters are taken by the Family Division; and you will be summoned by the Criminal Division for DUI’s and other criminal matters.

LegalMatch provides answers to many of the questions that you have about Chino and San Bernardino County courts and procedures. LegalMatch is also the best and easiest resource for people to find a lawyer in Chino. LegalMatch’s lawyers in Chino supply past clients’ reviews, availability schedules, and upfront pricing that’s backed by a great customer satisfaction guarantee.

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