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What Is Real Estate and Property Law?

Real Estate and Property Law includes a wide range of topics, such as buying, selling, using, and leasing residential or commercial property. Common Real Estate and Property Law disputes involve establishing property title and boundary lines, landlord and tenant disputes, and zoning/land use issues. Real estate and property law also comprises the financing aspects of property, such as mortgages, liens, and foreclosures.

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Buying or Selling Property 

The landlord owes the tenant several duties, including:

As a tenant you must:

Does My Property Have to Conform to Local Zoning Ordinances?

Most localities have a Planning or Zoning committee that regulates land use. When this committee passes a zoning ordinance, all properties in the locality must follow them unless one of the following exceptions applies:

Should I Hire an Attorney?

Real estate ventures represent large financial investments and can be affected by a wide range of complicated legal issues. If you have legal questions about your real estate or property holdings, consult an experienced real estate attorney today!

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