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Do You Need a Contract Lawyer?

A contract can be complex document; when crafted correctly it can be legally binding as well as have far-reaching implications for you and/or your business. Therefore it may be to your advantage to utilize the services of a contract lawyer.

What Is A Contract?

Contracts are agreements, such as a finder agreement or a sales agreement, between two or more parties enforced by the legal system. Such contracts may be written or oral, although most contracts which expect to have legal power are made in writing. Contracts must be made voluntarily and free from duress. If a party fails to fulfill his or her terms in the contract, then that party is committing a breach of contract.

What Are the Elements of a Binding Contract?

Not every agreement between parties is binding in a court of law. In order to be enforceable, contracts require the following elements:

What Constitutes Adequate Consideration?

In general, a contract is only binding if each party promises something to the other. For example, one party promises a house in exchange for a certain amount of money. Laws concerning adequate consideration may vary by state, but in general:

When Is a Contract Unenforceable? 

Even when the above key elements are satisfied, there may be other reasons why the contract cannot be enforced. For more information, see defenses to breach of contract. Such reasons may include, but are not limited to:

Should I Consult an Attorney for My Contract Issues?

Contract law is complicated, and the applicable rules and standards may vary from state to state. If you desire to enter into a contract, an attorney can help with proper drafting to provide you with protection later on.

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