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Located in one of the most beautiful parts of the state, Monterey County is located along the Pacific Ocean. Visitors to Monterey County take in the tourist sights, such as the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the scenic 17-mile drive. Some of the best and most renowned golf courses are in Monterey County, most notably Pebble Beach.
If you need legal assistance in Monterey County, there are many talented Monterey County lawyers ready to speak with you. These attorneys are handle cases that deal with a variety of legal topics such as personal injury, DUI, criminal defense, divorce, contracts, business, tax, bankruptcy, automobile accidents, and many others.
A Monterey County man was recently ordered by the judge presiding over his case to pay $35,000 to the Seaside Police Department. The man had originally filed a civil complaint against the police department claiming that his civil rights were violated after a police dog was used to search his car during a traffic stop. The judge hearing the case ruled against the man after reviewing the traffic camera that was mounted inside of the patrol car that pulled the Monterey County man over. In making the ruling, the judge said that the man's lawsuit was brought without good cause and reasonable faith in the merits of his action. The man has a history of filing lawsuits against the police department in the past decade.
When you are ready to file your lawsuit in Monterey County, you will likely have to send your legal complaint to the Superior Court of California County of Monterey. Going to court can be time consuming and can lead to costly mistakes if you do not know what to do. Why not avoid these concerns by hiring a local attorney to represent you?
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