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The Immigration Laws of the United States

Coming to and staying in the United States brings many responsibilities and obligations. There are procedural laws and requirements that must be followed for those who wish to enter and stay in the United States for any length of time.

Immigration laws regulate how an individual from abroad may qualify for a visa and under what circumstances that individual can be deported. There are many different kinds of temporary and permanent visas. Depending on the purpose of your entry, there is a visa that is right for you.

Those already in the United States must also abide by immigration laws. Large portions of immigrants who legally reside within the United States have a green card, or permanent visa. While those with green cards may seek to be citizens, they must also stay away from activities that may bring deportation. It is always wise to make whatever attempts possible to reside legally within the United States.

Alternatively, some people who reside in the United States may wish to seek asylum due to the conditions in their home countries.  Immigration laws and lawyers experienced in the field offer many options for those wishing to reside in the United States.

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