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More people are turning to the internet to find a lawyer. LegalMatch connects your law practice with clients near you who need help in your area of legal expertise.

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Thousands of attorneys are calling LegalMatch the most effective way to find clients online. Each year, more potential clients are seeking legal help on the internet. How will they find you? Diversify your marketing with LegalMatch.

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LegalMatch Member Attorneys see a continuous flow of cases stream across their virtual desktops — every day, every week, every month. When we become your marketing partner, we do all the "heavy lifting." That means we combine economies of scale with leading-edge Internet marketing strategies and techniques. These include geographic targeting, paid search marketing, search engine optimization, affiliate marketing, affinity partnerships, and tried-and-true traditional marketing in print and outdoor displays. We are the premier marketing partner providing Law Practice Marketing Services for the solo and small firm attorney.

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