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What is Business Law?

In broad terms, business law refers to the body of laws (federal, state and local) that apply to business entities, such as corporations, limited liability companies and partnerships.

These laws will provide you with resources on the most beneficial steps to take whether you are starting a new business, maintaining an existing business or selling a business.

The business and commercial laws of each state will give guidance as to what should be contained in your commercial leases, the considerations involved in franchising and the financial documentation required for buying or selling a business. Additionally, each state's laws will help you determine the type of business organization structure most appropriate for your business. Further, state and federal business and commercial laws regulate requirements of employment contracts, sales contracts and negotiations for any contract.

Business Law Topics include:

What Can I Do as a Business Owner?

If you have a business dispute, such as when one party to a contract does not fulfill their part of the agreement, the legal system provides relief to the damaged party. An experienced business litigation or business transactional lawyer can often provide the answers your business is looking for.

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