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 Like many western communities, Walnut Creek’s true growth began with the extension of the railway near its town center. This railway line still exists and is used today by BART. The city has experienced a surge of growth over the past twenty years and has become one of the largest cities in Contra Costa County.

Walnut Creek lawyers can assist you with any legal issue you may be facing. This includes bankruptcy, criminal defense, personal injury, wills and trusts, family law, and many other legal problems.
Attorneys in Walnut Creek are currently on both sides of a dispute involving a local realtor. The realtor was allegedly sending eviction notices and harassing local tenants of homes that had been foreclosed on. Since Walnut Creek’s eviction laws only allow eviction in a limited number of specific circumstances, the city sought a restraining order against the realtor. The case is currently ongoing.
Cases such as this generally begin in the Contra Costa County Superior Court system. As an integrated court system, the Superior Court hears both civil and criminal cases. Walnut Creek lawyers will be familiar with the rules and procedures of the Contra Costa courts, in particular the Walnut Creek branch.
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