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Learn More About Tulare County, CA

About Tulare County, California

Tulare County, California is nestled in California’s Central Valley, south of Fresno. The county derives its name from Tulare Lake, which was once the largest freshwater body west of the Great Lakes, but is now drained. The county is the most agriculturally productive in the U.S., with revenues of $3.5 billion annually. Milk is the highest grossing product for the county. The county is home to the World Ag Expo, the world’s largest international agricultural exposition, held annually since 1968. The county seat is Tulare; other important cities nearby include Hanford and Bakersfield.

In the News: Lawyers in Tulare County recently filed a lawsuit against the State of California, seeking to prevent the deferral of $2.4 billion mandated health and social services programs. The lawsuit claims that over 35,000 cash aid recipients and 80,000 food stamp recipients are in danger of losing their aid if the state delays the $10 million monthly aid payments to the county. The lawsuit argues that the state should enact a budget that would not burden those most in need. The lawsuit is ongoing.

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